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How do I make a booking?

We understand that you have already checked and appreciated our DEMO page.

In order to proceed with making a booking with us you will first need to send us an email with your contact details and the requirements of your special event.


  • your name & telephone number

  • date, location & venue of the event

  • event type (e.g. wedding reception, private party etc)

  • number of guests

  • live music preferred start/finish times

  • will the music stage be located indoors or outdoors?

  • will you be providing your own PA system & sound engineer?


  • your choice of a band line-up (e.g. piano/bass duet or vocal/guitar/bass trio etc)

  • any particular preferences you may have on jazz repertoire and/or dress code


We will contact you for any clarifications before we can assess your request and respond to you with:

  • confirmation of our availability for the date

  • any suggestions or options we may be in a position to offer to you in order to make your special event even better

  • quotes specifying costs for each suggested option


Upon agreement (and no later than 2 weeks before the event date) you will need to pay upfront a (non-refundable) booking fee and any associated travel expenses. The remaining balance is payable directly to the artists on the day of the event.

How much space & time does the band need to set up?


  • Based on a standard vocal jazz quintet with vocals, saxophone, piano, bass & drums, an approximate guide to the amount of space required is 5 meters wide by 3 meters deep.

  • We will require at least 1 electricity point on stage to power up our equipment.

  • We can provide you with a detailed stage plan & technical rider upon request.


We will require:

  • At least two parking spots to park our vehicles as close to the stage as possible.

  • Access to your venue (avoiding stairs) in order to wheel our equipment onto the stage.

  • A secure room for storing equipment & flight cases.


You should allow 90 minutes for unloading and setting up our equipment (incl. sound check).

Do I need to provide anything else for the musicians?


We will need a secure space where we can leave our bags, change clothes and rest comfortably between performances. It would be appreciated if there is a mirror & electricity supply. If no changing room is available, please let us know in advance.


  • For afternoon events: soft drinks, water, tea and coffee.

  • For evening events: hot food and refreshments. If for some reason it is impossible to cater for the band at your venue, please let us know well in advance.

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